Otis McAllister brands

Otis McAllister, Inc partners with the finest confectionary manufacturers to provide gourmet chocolate and other confectionaries to our customers worldwide.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is one of California's oldest chocolate manufacturers providing premium chocolate products worldwide. From baking chocolate to chocolate beverages and everything in between, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company controls the entire manufacturing process from bean to bar ensuring the perfect combination of luscious creamy filling and slow melting chocolate that could only be Ghirardelli.


The #1 gourmet jelly bean in the world, each bean is specially crafted to create the perfect bean: an intense jelly center surrounded by a polished outer shell. Each Jelly Belly jelly bean takes up to 3 weeks to produce and thousands of beans are rejected each day for failing to meet the standards. Choose from a wide array of flavors, from Blueberry to Sizzling Cinnamon. The only question is can you try them all?


Grupo Turin combines the most refined European techniques with the purest, most authentic cacao from Mexico to create extraordinary sensations. Let the Bailey's liquor-filled chocolate sweep you away for a exquisite experience of milk chocolate and Irish crème liquor. Or bite into a mouth-watering combination of two authentically Mexican products - chocolate combined with Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila.


Master Swiss chocolatiers use only the highest grade ingredients to create the unique flavors of Chocolat Frey. Pure, silky smooth Swiss chocolate melts in your mouth and whisks you away to the snow-capped Alps. From a country that understands chocolate, experience the secret of Frey.

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